Why we are asking your group to complete this survey?

From our self-evaluation we have identified your group as a partner. We hope your group will complete this readiness tool as a way to see where we might collaborate more effectively.

How will this survey help collaboration?

  • Help understand the capacity of groups to collaborate on promoting community wide physical activity and nutrition changes
  • Provide tools to help set goals that groups are willing and able to do
  • Help lead to activities that are created in partnership and are reasonable, doable, and logical
The survey is a “snapshot” of where the group is now and as we know, groups change. This survey can be done once a year or every other year depending on the group and changes within the group structure.

How to complete the survey

The survey asks you to rate your group in four areas. This will help your group see where you are at, what you could work on, and strengths you can share with partners.

  • Each area will have a set of statements. Read through the statements before you rate the area. Please read the statements from left to right.
  • If you feel that your group is already meeting that statement, go on to the next statement. When you find a statement that you feel has not been achieved, go back to the prior box.
  • Write down the letter of the column in that box in the “level for each row” box and go to the next area. This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.
  • The example activities will help you think about ways your group can increase their collaborative efforts. There are examples for each area.
Thank you for completing this survey. Modified from: Children’s Healthy Living Program’s Community Readiness Assessment manual (2014).